Monthly Round-Up: September 2017

With football season in full swing, a lot of videos are only posted to Twitter and Instagram during this time. Sorry for the weird layout, as I cannot physically 'own' these vidoes.

Monthly Round-Up: August 2017

Here are some of the videos I worked on this month. (Please note that some videos were only posted to Twitter, so they will be posted via tweet).

This video is part of a series Texas Tech Football has been rolling out before the first home game of the season. I mic'd up WR Dylan Cantrell and followed him around during a weekly practice.

Memories Will Be Made (1 of 3)

"...deep strike. Got the big man. CRABTREE....PULLS FREE.....TOUCHDOWN...."

This video is one of the three that will be aired during the 2017-2018 Texas Tech Football season. The theme for the season this year is community. Ads all over Lubbock have appeared, reading 'The Community Gathers This Fall'. To continue with a community theme, I edited three videos, as mentioned; by mixing legendary plays in Texas Tech Football history with kids playing pickup football. I feel like the end result creates an amazing scene, getting fans ready for the upcoming season.

Monthly Round-Up: July 2017

Below are a few of my videos from July 2017.

"Outside The Huddle" - a series featuring head football coach Kliff Kingsburry talking about the latest scores, news and more in a view only a head coach can give you. 

The Texas Tech Red Raider football team at one of the three places they attend community service.

Be sure to check back for my favorite videos in August! 

Monthly Round-Up: June 2017

Short feature on Texas Tech track athelte CJ Jones before Nationals.

Be sure to check back monthly for posts like these and follow Texas Tech Athletics for more content!

New Blog Series: Monthly Round-Up

Wow, it is been a long while! I am alive and kicking, just working hard here at Texas Tech Athletics! I figured, since people have been asking, I start making a monthly blog post of my favorite videos I filmed and edited for Tech Athletics! We are almost done with July, so I will post not only June, but a July one as well! Stay tuned!

DJI Mavic: The Biggest Little Drone

Big things do come in small pacakges......

For detailed information on the DJI Mavic, check out the main page here.

It had to happen. One day, a few years ago, I purchased my very first drone (DJI Phantom 3). I decided that the standard model was right for me, only to quickly realize that I needed more options to film and photograph. There is nothing wrong with the standard by any means; however, it just lacks a lot of features that you need once you realize you are actually good a flying a drone.

I never upgraded, until I saw DJI's event about a year ago showcasing the Mavic. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. A drone capable of fitting in a large pocket or a backpack that shoots 4K and can reach speeds of 45+ mph.

Now that I own one and have taken her? it? he?....the drone out for a few flights I am more impressed with the safety features than the video. Sure, it shoots 1080 and 4K, but for someone upgrading from a Phantom 3 or earlier this drone is amazing. DJI is really out doing themselves every single year.

It is now time for some more drone shots! Here is to hoping the Mavic stays in the air.